4 Must-Haves for Training Your New Puppy

Posted on June 16, 2023 by Team Gorilla

4 Must-Haves for Training Your New Puppy

Congratulations on the new puppy! It will be a tiring yet exciting time in your life. One thing you’ll want to start right away is puppy training. This step will set your dog up for success later in life. They’ll learn to walk politely on a leash, not jump on people, and other good behaviors. These are four must-haves for training your new puppy.

A Long, Sturdy Leash

Most dog owners purchase a leash before bringing their new puppy home, and there are several places to use this leash, including car rides, potty time, and vet visits. But you’ll want a long, sturdy leash for training purposes. It should be around six feet long and allow you to maintain a firm grip. This length is perfect for giving your dog some freedom while you remain in control. This will help you to teach your dog how to walk politely on the leash.

A Clicker

A clicker is a tool that will help reinforce positive and correct behavior. When your dog performs a command correctly, click the clicker and immediately give your pup a treat. Pretty soon, your new furry friend will understand what the sound means.

There are various clicker types available on the market. There are handheld versions, ones you can attach to the leash, and some leashes have built-in clickers. You could also find an app and use that as your clicker. There’s truly something for everyone. But don’t skip the clicker because it’s a must-have tool for training your new puppy.

A Collar

You need a quality dog collar to attach the leash to. Head to your local pet store or search online for the right one for your pup. Metal dog collars can provide strength and stability if your dog is larger. Consider purchasing a harness if your new puppy pulls. It will help you guide without harming your dog.

Treats and Rewards

In order to train your puppy effectively, you’ll need a significant supply of treats and rewards. It will keep your pup’s motivation high and ensure they stay on track. The treats should be small, about the size of a berry. If your dog is picky, you may have to get creative. Use their favorite treat to show them they’ve done a task well.

These four must-haves will ensure that puppy training is a success. Dog training isn’t something you’ll want to skip as a dog owner. It’s a worthwhile and rewarding experience.