We are a company of dog lovers who have always struggled to find tough, durable, handcrafted, and well-made American dog beds for medium and large dogs. Gorilla Dog Beds® has over 20 years of experience in textile manufacturing and industrial sewing techniques here in the USA. We have created and manufactured a wide array of custom products for many American fortune 500 companies.  That experience, combined with extensive knowledge in dog training and canine behavior, is now used by Gorilla Dog Beds® to manufacture the highest quality, most durable, and toughest dog beds for medium and large dogs.


Quality is of the utmost importance to us, and we are only satisfied with the best. Every aspect of our designs and materials have been tested to ensure that our customers are getting the strongest and best performing durable dog beds on the market.  Safety, comfort, quality, and durability are our highest priority. All Gorilla Dog bed products are triple-stitched, making the strongest seam of any dog bed available. We manufacture with materials that are commonly used in military and aerospace applications for their extreme durability and puncture resistance. Our fabrics are dense and have inner coatings.  This patented technology prevents dust, mold, mildew, and odor from penetrating our tough dog beds.


Our foams are American made and 100% certified by CertiPUR-US.  We understand the importance and safety of this not only for your pets but for your entire household.  Gorilla Dog Beds® stand by every one of our products 100%. We never have and will never outsource our manufacturing outside of the USA. Our dog beds for medium and large dogs are made Gorilla tough. We stand by the integrity of our workmanship and quality 100%.


We will put our tough dog beds up against any other manufacturer that misleadingly claims their dog beds are chew proof. There is nothing out there that a determined and strong chewer cannot destroy. However, our designs and use of materials were specifically engineered to make it as difficult as possible for dogs to destroy our line of durable beds.  From our experience and testing, dogs that initially started to chew and scratch on our beds got frustrated and tired of trying to destroy them. They quickly discovered that they would not have much success and soon after gave up. They rarely tried to destroy them again and began to enjoy the superior comfort our beds provide.  All our designs and materials were engineered for the highest quality, comfort, and durability. These features ensure that our tough dog beds will last for many years.