Gorilla Dog Beds® is proud to support dogs trained to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Assistance dogs make positive impacts on individuals with all types of disabilities. From kids with autism to veterans who are injured at war, to people who suffer from seizures. Assistance dogs enrich the lives of individuals with special needs and make life better. We are honored to be able to provide comfortable beds for these incredible dogs to use during their training program. Your business makes all this possible. ‘

We are proud to be partnering with Can Do Canines. Since 1989, Can Do Canines has provided assistance dogs to people with disabilities, free of charge. Their fully-trained dogs, sometimes adopted from local animal shelters, are provided to clients with mobility challenges, hearing loss or deafness, seizure disorders, diabetes complicated by hypoglycemia unawareness, or children with autism.

A defining characteristic of Can Do Canines is its commitment to finding new ways for assistance dogs to help individuals with disabilities. The organization’s leadership in “thinking outside the box” can be seen through a variety of innovations. Can Do Canines pioneered the training of assistance dogs to detect low glucose levels for people with type I diabetes and was one of the first organizations in the country to train a Seizure Assist Dog to interact with a Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS), a device implanted in the chest of an individual to help control seizures.

Thank you for your support in helping us give back to these wonderful charities. We appreciate your business and would not be able to do this without you.

Gorilla Dog beds has always and will always help dogs get off of the streets whenever we can.

Every dog deserves a home, a bed, to know that they are special, and to be loved. We make it part of our business to help neglected dogs off the street. Many of the dogs shown on our website were rescued by us, brought back to health, and are now living happy lives. We are also proud and happy to be able to give back by donating beds to dog rescue organizations that need our help. A percentage of our profits goes back towards giving comfortable beds for dogs who need them the most. Without customers like you, this would not be possible.

We are honored and proud to partner with Corridor Rescue. Corridor Rescue is a nonprofit organization on a mission of mercy, rescue and awareness. A mission to save lives and correct an injustice to animals who have been thrown away and left. Oftentimes these dogs are injured and starving and fend for themselves in the area of near north Houston, an area dubbed the “Corridor of Cruelty.” We’re not talking about a handful of animals, but hundreds of physically and emotionally damaged animals in the fight of their lives to simply survive another day. Learn more here.