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Chew-Proof Dog Beds for Sale

Comfort built to last

We are only satisfied with designing and manufacturing the best indestructible dog mattresses on the market. Give your dog the comfortable rest they deserve. All of our orthopedic dog beds, nesting dog beds, and crate/kennel pads all handcrafted in the USA. Our Gorilla Ballistic line of heavy-duty, chew-proof dog beds feature extreme standards of quality, durability, comfort, safety. Furthermore, our tough and indestructible dog mattresses provide the highest comfort and quality that is unsurpassed by the competition.

Toughest On The Planet

All of our heavy-duty dog beds are built to last and are the toughest on the planet. We manufacture all of our chew-proof dog beds and kennel pads with patented proprietary materials.  Our choice of fabrics is all proven and tested, most of which are used in military applications where failure is not an option. Only Our Gorilla Ballistic line of durable beds and crate pads come with the chew-proof warranty. Look for the 125-day guarantee seal in our Gorilla Ballistic line of beds and crate pads. Above all, our complete line of durable chew-proof dog beds and crate pads are triple stitched. This gives our indestructible dog beds the strongest seams of any dog bed/kennel pad on the market. Add one of our indestructible dog mattresses to your home to give your pet the toughest pet bed on the market.

 Best Warranties

Gorilla Dog Beds®’ Chew-proof line of orthopedic dog beds and kennel pads come with an industry-best Chew-proof Warranty at 125 days. Also, our orthopedic dog bed mattresses come with a lifetime, “Won’t Flatten Guarantee.” If your orthopedic mattress ever flattens, we will replace it free of charge, no questions asked. In contrast, no other dog bed is better, and we stand behind our products by offering the best warranties in the industry. No one else even comes close.

Highest Quality & Superior Comfort

In addition to our chew-proof dog beds and crate pads, our Luxury line of beds and kennel pads are ultra-soft, easy to clean, are incredibly durable. Our complete line comes in a wide array of colors and sizes. We manufacture the largest dog beds on the market and have a full line for the little guys. Our materials are of the highest quality and offer the most comfortable surface of any dog bed.

From small to large and young to old, Gorilla Dog Bed’s superior line of orthopedic, nesting, and crate/kennel pads supports your dog’s pressure curves. Protecting your dog’s joints and bones is a priority for us. For this reason, we only use the highest quality foams, that are all certified and tested by Certipur-US, all of which are human grade and proven safe. All these features give your dog the best rest possible while ensuring you are buying a chew-proof dog bed that lasts. Our line of indestructible dog mattresses for sale has the products you’re looking for.

Industry Best Warranties Guaranteed

125-Day Warranty on Chew-proof Line of Dog beds and Crate pads

If your dog chews through one of our Gorilla Ballistic Line of beds or crate pads, we will send one replacement cover free of charge. This is a one-time warranty that is good for 125 days after we ship your order out.

Lifetime Warranty on Orthopedic Mattresses

Every Orthopedic Gorilla Dog bed includes our industry-leading Life Time Warranty. If your orthopedic mattress ever goes flat, we will replace it free of charge. No questions asked.

CertipurUS® Certified Foam

Gorilla Dog Beds® are made from CertipurUS® Certified Foams that are safe and offer extreme support for joints and bones of any breed or size. We use the same foam commonly found in high-end human mattresses.

Key Features of Gorilla Dog Beds®

Water Resistant Liner included with all Orthopedic beds and Kennel Pads

Removable and Washable Covers and Liners

Mold & Mildew Resistant

Hypoallergenic Materials

Dirt & Odor Resistant

Strongest Construction and Seam of any dog bed. Guaranteed.

Big Beds For Big Dogs

Materials With Proven & Patented Durability

CoolTek™ Orthopedic Mattress

Third-Party Tested

What makes Gorilla Dog Beds® the best:

  1. Industry leading lifetime warranty  
  2. Washable, removable covers & liners
  3. Heavy-duty proprietary, patented, & proven materials
  4. Made from certified Certipur-US human grade foams  
  5. Simply the toughest and most comfortable dog beds available
  6. Dual closures on all Kennel/Crate Pads (Velcro & Strongest Zipper of any pad on the market).
  7. Multiple point anchor Kennel tie down system included with every Crate/ Kennel Pad
  8. Third-party tested for tear strength, abrasion resistance, & easy wash.
  9. Free Shipping on all orders over $50
  10. Friendly, USA-based customer support
  11. 100% Made in USA. Our entire product line is proudly manufactured by skilled specialists in Texas. We only trust American materials and workmanship to give your dog the quality & comfort they deserve.
  12. Triple-Stitched locked seams on all products for the strongest construction of any chew proof dog bed, guaranteed.
  13. CoolTek™ open cell certified foams on all Orthopedic beds.

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