Benefits of Wireless Dog Training Collars

At Gorilla Dog Beds, we love our furry friends, but we also get frustrated with our pups when they don’t listen to us. Instead of constantly yelling meaningless, unintelligible phrases at our dogs, we recommend using e-collar training collars. A major benefit of wireless dog training collars is that it is both safe and effective.

When we first heard about this new training method, we had a lot of questions too, so we will debunk and analyze the common questions together in this article.

Is e-collar training effective?

Yes. Some dog owners say that their dogs respond better to vibration via their collar rather than a tug on a leash. However, make sure you use the training tool properly. This may be common sense, but you do not want to send a stimulation through your dog’s collar for no particular reason.

What are the benefits of wireless training dog collars?

  • The static stimulation, vibration, or beep is intended to discourage and ultimately prevent bad behavior.
  • You always can conveniently reprimand your canine’s bad behavior from several feet away. This is ideal in the sense that you don’t have to always have your dog on a leash to control or maintain its actions. Be sure to check out our remote dog training collar that works from 600 yards away.
  • Can help decrease aggressive behavior.
  • When the dog receives the stimulation, it does not know that the punishment is coming directly from you; therefore, it won’t hinder your bond or relationship.
  • Your pooch will get instant feedback. Once the dog does something wrong, the beep will alert them right away because if you waited any longer, the pup may even forget what it just did. So, now your dog will associate that action with a negative reinforcement, which will hopefully lead to thinking that this behavior is “bad” and no longer doing it in the future.

Are vibration collars safe for dogs?

Yes. The vibration will not hurt your dog and it is safe to use. There are three choices to reprimanding your dog: static stimulation, vibration, and tone. As the owner, you are the one in control, so you can set an effective shock level. If you want a collar that you can adjust the static stimulation of, check out this e-collar.

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