How to Crate Train a Puppy: Preventing Puppy Bed Chewing

When it comes to crate training a new puppy, one of the biggest hurdles can be your dog’s bed. Many dogs tend to chew their beds while crated, which can be frustrating and expensive. Not only that, but if your dog ingests pieces of the bed, it can lead to some severe health problems for your puppy, or even death. So how do you prevent a puppy from chewing its bed?

The first step is to try to identify why your puppy chews its bed. Generally, this is for one of two reasons: anxiety or boredom. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, solutions such as synthetic dog pheromone products, or leaving the TV or radio on while you’re gone, can address the problem. If the issue is boredom, you should keep your dog well-exercised to help calm their nerves while crated, or you can occupy your pup with their favorite toys to distract them from your absence. In either case, one thing is certain: your puppy will have much more trouble trying to chew through a crate pad or bed designed to withstand their efforts.

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