5 Different Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Posted on November 18, 2019 by paigepesko

It’s essential to keep your pup as healthy as possible. After all, you want to make sure your dog is around for a long time. However, with winter in full swing, taking your pooch on long walks outside isn’t feasible. This article covers five different ways to exercise your dog indoors. That way, your dog can stay in good shape, and you can both stay warm.

A Game of Fetch

Playing fetch with your dog is a great way to get them moving inside the house. Take your dog to a bigger room in your home, like the living room or basement, so they have more room to run. Then, throw a tennis ball around with them for a little while. Your pup will appreciate being able to run around and stretch their legs, even if it’s not in the backyard.

Tug of War

Another way to exercise your dog indoors is to play tug of war with them. Your furry friend will love a little friendly competition with their beloved owner, and it’s a great way to keep them active. You should be careful, though, when playing this game with your pup. If they’re getting a little too unruly, drop your end of the rope until they calm down. Once they relax, feel free to pick up where you left off.

Play “Monkey”

Every dog loves to play games with their owner. One game you can play indoors with your pooch is “monkey.” Two people should stand on opposite sides of the room and throw a chew toy back and forth while the dog tries to grab it in the middle. This game is an excellent way for your pup to get some exercise; they’ll definitely be tired out by the end. Don’t forget to reward them with a treat afterward.

Arrange an Indoor Obstacle Course

Setting up an indoor obstacle course is fun for both you and your pup. You’ll enjoy planning creative obstacles for your puppy to make their way through. Use items you have around the house to pose a challenge for your dog. Things like couch cushions and dining room chairs will work perfectly. If your furry friend seems confused, don’t be afraid to guide them a little until they get into the swing of things. Once your dog gets used to it, set a timer and see how fast they can go.

Plan a Play Date with Another Dog

During the winter, it’s hard to take your dog to the dog park so that they can socialize with other pups. One way to make sure your pup gets exercise indoors is to set up a play date with another dog. Call one of your friends or siblings, and ask them to bring their puppy over to your place. You’ll have so much fun watching the two dogs play, and they’ll both be worn out when the play date is over.

These five different ways to exercise your dog indoors will keep your pup in good shape this winter. When it’s cold outside, it’s difficult to stay excited about fitness. These indoor exercises will hold you accountable and make sure your dog doesn’t fall into the same bad habits. Check out our wide selection of indestructible dog beds for when your pup is done exercising. They’ll need a comfy place to relax, and an indestructible bed could come in handy if your dog is still riled up after so much excitement.