6 Tips To Protect Your House From Puppy Chewing

Posted on March 5, 2024 by Team Gorilla

6 Tips To Protect Your House From Puppy Chewing

Puppy chewing is a rite of passage; it’s the way they navigate the world and soothes their mouths as they teethe. However, this quickly turns into a battle as your dog’s teeth grow stronger and your belongings are constantly demolished.

Every puppy parent has the power to protect their house from their puppy’s chewing habits. The following tips will guide you through how to improve your pup’s behavior as they grow.

Start by Puppy-Proofing Household Items

Survey the living space from a dog’s point of view. Anything accessible within a puppy’s leap is fair game. Wires, shoes, and furniture corners are prime targets that must be secured or removed from temptation’s way.

Ensure electrical cords are either inaccessible or covered with cord protectors. Store shoes, coats, and gloves in a closet or an entryway shoe cabinet. Block off areas that are off-limits with baby gates or other barriers, making sure every crucial piece of household furniture is shielded.

Use Natural Repellents

To protect your home from unwanted munching, use natural or commercial repellents. These range from the pungent smell of citrus and vinegar to specially formulated sprays designed to deter chewing.

While repellents can be effective, they’re not a substitute. Use them to reinforce training, not as a crutch. Overuse of repellents can cause your pet to fear certain areas of the home altogether, leading to a host of other behavioral challenges.

Constantly Supervise Your Puppy

Destructive behaviors are more likely when puppies are unsupervised. Your little explorer can quickly get into trouble and destroy your beloved belongings in the blink of an eye. Close supervision prevents chewed items from being ingested as well as the opportunity to correct poor behaviors.

Train Your Puppy Through Positive Reinforcement

Dogs are intelligent creatures that thrive on positive reinforcement. This technique can greatly improve all kinds of behavior, including chewing, because it teaches them the difference between poor and good actions. Every chew redirection is met with a positive stimulus immediately, such as treats or play.

Timing is vital; reinforcement should be immediate. Your puppy will then associate the reward with the action, so they’re more likely to repeat it in the future. Positive reinforcement is essential to laying a good behavioral foundation.

Provide Ample Exercise and Stimulation

Chewing is often a sign of boredom. Substantial physical activity dissipates excess energy. Regular walks, play sessions, and obedience training provide a constructive outlet for all that pent-up puppy vigor.

Choose an Indestructible Bed and Toys

It’s normal for puppies and dogs alike to chew up items here and there. Indestructible items are the key to suspending aggressive chewing responses.

A non-destructive dog bed is a start to encouraging good behaviors. When dogs cannot tear through an object easily, they’ll gradually become frustrated and renounce their efforts. This will leave you will a dog that’s learning positive actions alongside keeping the cozy bed intact.

The same idea applies to chew toys. Rather than target their energy to wooden table legs or shoes, they’ll feel mentally stimulated with wonderfully tough toys. Don’t forget to reward your adorable pup with a treat, too!

Combining every one of these tips is crucial to protect your house from your puppy’s chewing habits. You’ll establish a foundation for positive play while maintaining a destruction-free home.