Best Practices for Walking Multiple Dogs at Once

Posted on April 13, 2023 by Team Gorilla

Best Practices for Walking Multiple Dogs at Once

Whether you’re considering becoming a dog walker or you have multiple dogs, learning to walk several dogs at once is an experience. It’s more challenging than walking a single dog and something you’ll have to become accustomed to. Follow these best practices for walking multiple dogs at once.

Walk at the Slowest Dog’s Pace

No two dogs will have the same walking pace, and it’s important to keep the slowest walker in mind when walking more than one pup. Each breed has different fitness levels and exercise abilities that don’t always correspond to the dog’s size. For example, a young pug could walk faster than an older golden retriever with arthritis.

To avoid overworking the slowest pup, walk at the slowest dog’s pace. If the most energetic dog of the gang seems to need more physical stimulation, play a game of fetch or chase at the dog park to help expel that excess energy.

Practice Makes Perfect

Yes, we understand there’s no such thing as perfect, but continuously walking multiple dogs will help you practice. You’ll get used to handling everything, and soon you’ll feel confident in your abilities.

Use Proper Equipment

You’ll need two important equipment pieces: a durable leash and a collar or harness. Calm dogs walk well with a collar, but pups that pull will need harnesses. Avoid retractable leashes because they will make the walk more challenging.

Consider investing in a dog coupler or leash splitter. These dog-walking tools can help prevent tangles, and some pups’ leash manners will improve. Don’t forget to bring along enough doggy bags to pick up after all the dogs.

Bring Treats

Walking multiple dogs can be unpredictable. A leash could break, a pup could squeeze out of its harness, or a squirrel could run in front of the dogs creating a ruckus. Treats come in handy to help reestablish control and calm down excited pups.

You also want to reward good behavior during the walk. You’ll have a more enjoyable walking experience when you bring along treats.

Train the Dogs Individually

Leash training is a step you cannot skip. If a dog can’t behave properly when you walk them individually, you can’t expect them to walk well with multiple dogs. It makes your job more challenging and can cause the other dogs to act disruptively.

Leash training each pup individually ensures the dogs understand how to behave on the walk. The one-on-one time focuses on each furry friend to make sure the walking experience is fun for everyone.

Use all these best practice tips to have a great experience walking multiple dogs. The pups will love socializing with each other and getting some exercise!