How Dog Bed Donations Can Make A Difference

Posted on May 22, 2019 by paigepesko

When you think of supporting shelter animals and rescue pets, you might think of adopting a shelter pet instead of going to a pet store. However, that’s not the only way you can help take care of animals in need. Certain types of donations, like dog beds, can be incredibly helpful for taking care of pets in shelters and other environments with low resources.

Shelter Donations

Over six million animals wind up in animal shelters across the United States each year. While some shelters have better resources available to take care of these millions of animals, not all of them have what they need. One thing that’s often lacking in shelters is proper bedding. In these cases, dogs and other animals can end up sleeping on the cold, concrete floors. Donation programs that supply shelters with dog kennel pads and dog beds ensure these pets have more comfortable places to rest while they wait for their forever home.

Prison Programs

Not all pet owners have the best accommodations for their furry friends. Many organizations pair up shelter pets with prisoners. This helps with rehabilitation and getting people back on the right track, while also ensuring shelter dogs and pets are well cared for. Rescue dogs like these, however, will need resources for their care, just like any other pet. Donating dog beds to these programs and prisons can help ensure inmates have the resources they need to take good care of their new furry friends. This is especially true for chew proof dog beds; many of these rescue dogs haven’t been trained yet, and the inmates are responsible for their training. Dog beds that last through the earlier stages of training mean they’ll be available for longer.

Whether they’re in shelters, prisons, or other resource-lacking environments, all dogs deserve to have a comfortable place to sleep. Donating dog beds can make sure these pets stay comfortable and safe, whether they’re waiting for their forever family in a shelter or helping inmates rehabilitate. For more information on these donations or to learn more about chew proof kennel mats and beds for dogs, contact Gorilla Dog Beds® today.