How Often You Should Clean Your Dog’s Bed

Posted on January 26, 2023 by paigepesko

How Often You Should Clean Your Dog’s Bed

Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or recently adopted a puppy, you may still have questions about how to best care for your pup. One of these questions is how often you should clean your dog’s bed. The answer is pretty straightforward. Read on to learn more.

What’s the Answer?

Dogs are dirty. There’s no kind way to say that. They love to roll on the floor, outside in the dirt, dig in flower beds, and play in filthy ponds. Their dog bed can quickly become covered with the grime and elements your pup rolled around in.

Experts suggest washing your dog’s bed once a week to keep your dog healthy and safe. If not, you risk your dog getting sick from improper hygiene. At a minimum, you can get away with washing the bed once every two weeks.

How To Wash the Bed

Before you throw the dog bed into the washing machine, check to see what kind of bed you bought your dog. It’s common for dog beds to have a removable cover. These covers make them easy to wash. Vacuum any dirt and excess fur before tossing it into the washing machine. Use a mild detergent that’s pet safe, and ensure you use hot water. The heat will kill off any looming bacteria.

Let the cover air dry, or place it in the dryer on low. Never use dryer sheets. You can also wash a dog bed by hand in the bathtub or a deep sink. Ensure the water is hot and you’re using a non-toxic detergent.

Use baking soda with the detergent if there are lingering smells. Ensure you rinse the dog bed thoroughly and allow it to air dry.

Between Washes

You can take steps between washes to help increase the bed’s longevity. Regularly vacuuming the dog bed will keep dirt and grime to a minimum. Invest in a waterproof cover or a dog bed with a removable cover to make wash time easier. Gorilla Dog offers chew-proof dog beds with removable covers that are virtually indestructible.

Following the above tips will ensure a happy, healthy dog. Make cleaning your dog’s bed part of your weekly routine. It will become a habit in no time. Your pup will thank you!