Importance of Crate Kennel Pads

Posted on July 26, 2021 by paigepesko

Whether you’re going on vacation with your dog or they will be spending most of the day at home alone, dog kennels are a useful piece of equipment for dog owners to have. However, getting the crate isn’t enough. If you want your dog to truly enjoy spending time in there, you will need to get them a dog crate pad as well. We feel like many people overlook this, so today, we will go over the importance of crate kennel pads and why you should get one for your pup.

Increased Comfort Level

Most dog cages have hard, plastic bottoms. While that isn’t a bad thing, it’s not great for the dog to spend long periods of time on it. If they have to spend a few hours a day on a hard plastic surface while you’re at work, they will be less likely to want to go into the kennel the next time you tell them to.

Putting in a kennel pad will make your dog happier to get into their cage since it won’t hurt to sit on for a long time. Also, if you use a pad specifically made for crates instead of any old dog bed, your dog will be comfortable no matter where they lie while inside. It’s rare to find a bed that covers every corner of the cage, which is why pads are better. Depending on how hot or cold your house is, you can get them a heated or cooled crate pad to compensate for that.

Better Night’s Sleep

If your dog is in their kennel long enough or spends the night inside it while being housebroken, they will need a place to sleep. Even though you can theoretically get away without a crate pad for everyday comfort, your dog will absolutely need a place to sleep if they are going to be in there for a while. Even if you don’t lock them in the cage overnight, they might still opt to sleep in it if you get a kennel pad that is comfy enough for them.

Easier Clean Up

For young dogs who aren’t trained to go to the bathroom outside or ones who have trouble controlling when they go, crate pads are perfect since they are easy to clean and sanitize. Most brands are machine washable for effortless cleaning. If your dog spills their food and water often or slobbers a lot when chewing on a toy, the easy cleaning feature will come in handy for those circumstances as well.

Useful for Puppies

Our final point in our guide to the importance of crate kennel pads is more for those who decide to go with our chew-resistant dog crate beds. Puppies love to chew on everything, and it’s a difficult habit to break right away. If you don’t want to go through multiple beds before they stop, getting one of these chew-proof crate pads will be the best choice for you.