Tough Orthopedic Crate Pad Tie Down Straps



About This Product

All of our crate pads have a secure tie down anchoring system. These exclusive tough reusable straps are to secure and anchor all of our tough orthopedic dog crate crate pads firmly to the bottom of your crate. They keep your dog from flipping the pad inside the kennel and help ensure the longevity of the crate pad. The straps for XS-M crate pads come with 4 short and 4 long straps. The straps for L-XXL crate pads come with 6 short and 6 long straps.

Customer Reviews

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Colton B.
So far so good!

The bed has held up so far, but time will tell. Tie downs were the best feature for us. Seems like a quality product!

Excellent Product

The tie down straps for our Shelby's Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad are easy to use and keep her pad secure and in place. She's a digger and she can't move that pad an inch with those straps in place. She learned she can't dig it and bunch it up so she stopped her nighttime digging. She is crate trained and sleeps overnight in her crate. We love our Gorilla products so much that I bought an entire second Orthopedic crate pad set up so she'd never be without one. Yes, she is spoiled. Excellent company and products.

Sandy Lundahl
Great Kennel Pad

It took a few nights for our dog to accept her new kennel pad - it must have smelled different. She is good now and sleeps through the night (she didn’t before). It’s been a month and no signs of chewing or wear. She now guards her kennel and won’t let her brother get in it.

Justin Lannartson
Great bed

Perfect for the crate hasn’t been torn up yet and keeps my big ol German Shepard happy wish the straps were buckle style would of made it easier .

Malia Parker

Finally!! Both a super chewer resistant product AND design and installation that equal INDESTRUCTIBLE!! Our German Shepherd had destroyed 3 previous kennel pads. But not this one!!! It’s paw/scratch resistant material and secure tie down installation have made this my favorite purchase ever!!!!