Herm Sprenger Ultra-Plus Stainless Steel Training Collar



About This Product

This Training Collar is safe, practical, and easy to use. Blunt prongs help guide your dog without causing pain. The patented center plate construction and symmetrical placements act as a natural point of contact for clear communication between you and your dog. It is excellent for taking big dogs or strong pullers on a walk. Replacement links are available if you need to add more or less for a custom fit.

  • Great for walking strong pullers
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Blunt prongs to cause no pain
  • Designed to help you train your dog
  • Replacement links are available to increase collar size.
  • Adjustable length
  • Guaranteed against rust and breakage
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Long link design 
  • The patented center plate with asymmetrical prong placement provides natural contact for optimal communication.