Reasons Why Your Dog Is Chewing on Their Leash

Posted on July 26, 2022 by paigepesko

Reasons Why Your Dog Is Chewing on Their Leash

Does your pup have the annoying habit of gnawing on the leash while you’re trying to walk them? There are a few reasons why your dog is chewing on their leash. This blog post will explore a few reasons and then help you fix the behavior.

Your Dog Wants You To Play With Them

Usually, this behavior stems from your pup having too much built-up energy. Your furry friend is probably trying to tell you that your dog wants you to play with them. Biting the lease is their way of attempting to get your attention.

Leashes resemble the chew toys back home. Sometimes dogs get overly excited and play with whatever item is around them. Don’t mistake this for rebellious or defiant behavior. If you notice that giving your dog more attention stops them from biting on the leash, this was most likely the issue.

Your Dog Is Bored

Many dogs like to chew things when they’re bored. This boredom chewing doesn’t stop at shoes and furniture. They may also chew on the leash as you’re walking. Try picking up the pace on your walks or walking a different route to give your pup a change of scenery.

It’s a Learned Behavior

The issue could also be that your dog has learned this behavior through cause and effect. For example, “If I chew on this leash, my human will take me for a walk!”

How To Help Correct the Chewing

Your first step is understanding the reason why your dog is chewing on the leash. You can help encourage better behavior when you figure out the reasoning and how to counteract it and be proactive.

Ignore the chewing or biting altogether. Your dog is looking for any attention, positive or negative. Don’t tug or pull on the leash while your furry friend is biting it. Offer your dog a stick or something to chew on if needed.

Use treats to encourage positive walking behavior along the way. You don’t have to worry about spoiling your pet. The yummy treats will help your dog learn how to behave while walking and curb the biting. After all, teaching your dog how to walk on a dog leash is part of being a dog parent. Happy walking!