The Benefits of Crate Training Your Puppy

Posted on May 10, 2023 by Team Gorilla

The Benefits of Crate Training Your Puppy

Congratulations on your new puppy! It’s such an exciting time in every dog owner’s life. But the puppy stage is full of hardships. Yes, all the snuggles and playtime are fantastic, but the training is non-stop and exhausting. Many puppy owners focus on obedience classes and house-training, but you shouldn’t forget about crate training. Why, you may ask? Continue reading to understand the benefits of crate training your puppy.

Is Beneficial for Every Dog Type

Crate training provides a safe space for every dog. It allows them to become familiar with their new surroundings without worrying about fighting for their own space. Puppies can become destructive if left alone. A crate is an excellent way to keep them contained while working on appropriate behavior.

For example, a crate is a useful tool for house-training your puppy. Dogs don’t like to soil their sleeping areas, so having your puppy in a crate will make house-training easier for you. They’ll begin to understand that they’ll have more privileges once they follow house rules. Overall, a crate will help end problematic behavior and improve your pup’s confidence.

Makes Your Life Easier

A crate is a beneficial tool to use during emergencies. You can use the crate during bad weather, surgery or injury recovery, road trips, and other scenarios. A crate provides your dog a place to relax and rest without harming themselves or wreaking havoc around the house.

Crates also make it easier to transport your pup in the car. They won’t become a distraction while you’re driving, and your dog can lie down and sleep during the car ride. Using the crate when you leave for work or run errands is also a good idea. You’ll know where your puppy is, and it will help calm their anxiety. They’ll have a safe place to self-soothe and peacefully relax.

Plus, if you add an ultra-comfortable tough dog-crate pad, your dog’s crate becomes a place they can retreat to when situations become scary and chaotic. They begin to understand the crate is where no one can bother them. Ultimately, a crate will make life easier for both you and your pup.

Is Useful Beyond the Puppy Stage

Yes, crate training is incredibly beneficial for puppies, but using a crate doesn’t end when the puppy stage does. Crate training helps elderly dogs with health issues. As dogs age, they can develop arthritis, still joints, and other problems. A crate provides a safe place for them to take a nap, sleep soundly through the night, and safely travel to veterinarian appointments.

Since you’ve discovered the benefits of crate training your puppy, it’s time to start the process. Just ensure you make the experience good with positive reinforcement. As we mentioned earlier, the crate should be a safe place for your furry friend.