The Different Types of Popular Dog Collars

Posted on October 7, 2021 by paigepesko

Different types of dog collars serve distinct purposes. Some are for everyday use, and others are for training or taking your dog out for a walk. Explore the various collars below to determine which one is right for your dog.

Flat Collar

Most dog owners are familiar with a flat collar since it’s the most common collar available. These collars are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. A lot of pet owners prefer buckle collars for stronger dogs.

Metal Prong Collar

Metal prong collars are also known as pinch collars. Typically, trainers use them for correcting dogs during training exercises. These collars don’t look aesthetically pleasing, but many trainers find them practical for stubborn dogs who tend to pull on their leash. Use these collars with caution, and don’t leave one on your dog while they’re unattended.

Martingale Collar

These collars are also commonly known as limited-slip collars. Use them when you’re trying to prevent your dog from slipping out of their collar while they’re walking or running. The Martingale collar will tighten when the leash is tugged on, but a safety mechanism prevents the collar from closing completely. The Martingale is available in various designs and colors. This collar is perfect for sighthound breeds, but any dog breed can use them.


The design of the harness is different than a typical collar. You place it around a dog’s chest and abdomen, and the leash is attached to the top of the collar. These collars are great; if your dog pulls, no pressure is applied to their neck. Some trainers believe harnesses aren’t the best route if your dog pulls, though, because the resistance could only encourage the behavior.


Headcollars—also known as halters—look similar to a muzzle but serve a different purpose. When you’re training your puppy or dog to heel and walk properly on a leash, use the head collar. The collar will turn their head when they pull on the leash. It’s designed to feel unnatural for them, therefore deterring the behavior.

Understanding the purpose and different types of dog collars makes the decision process more manageable. We at Gorilla Dog Beds have various chew-resistant dog collars available to purchase for your wonderful pups.