Tips for Choosing a Luxury Dog Bed

Posted on June 9, 2021 by paigepesko

All dogs need a comfy place to lay their weary heads after a long day at the park. Sure, they love sleeping in your bed or on the sofa but having a luxurious bed specifically for them is essential for their happiness and development. However, finding a quality bed just for them can be challenging. That’s why we’re bringing you our list of tips for choosing a luxury dog bed for your favorite pup.

Size of the Bed

This point is the most obvious, but it’s also the most important. If the bed you get your dog is too big or too small, the dog will not find it very comfortable and likely never actually use it. Before making a purchase, take some measurements of your pup to verify how big it is. Height, length, and even weight can make a huge difference when choosing a bed, so take note of all those attributes.

Materials It’s Made From

The durability is important for your dog’s future bed as well. The necessity of strong materials isn’t only crucial for how long the bed will last, but also for how well it will hold together against the abuse it might take. Some dogs love to destroy their beds, so be sure to research models that have bite or scratch resistance.

Features Included

Many luxury beds come with special features for the dog, like orthopedic stuffing, heating or cooling, or coverings to keep their sleeping area dark. All of these are great, but not always necessary. Pay attention to where and how your dog sleeps. This info can help you come to the right decision on which bed type is best for your dog.

Overall Design

While most of our tips for choosing a luxury dog bed are focused on the dogs themselves, our last one is for their owners. Some luxury dog beds are flat-out ugly, while others simply don’t match the color scheme of the room that they will be in. The design of the bed can be just as important as everything else. Luckily, if the look of the bed is something that you care about, our luxury dog beds come in a myriad of colors and designs. You’re practically guaranteed to find one that matches the colors of the room your pup will be sleeping in.