3 Reasons To Have a Durable Dog Collar for Your Dog

Posted on February 24, 2022 by paigepesko

As a dog owner, you want to make sure you provide the best life possible for your pet. This means buying the best food, the best toys, and the best collars. Come along and explore three reasons to have a durable dog collar for your dog. We also go over measuring tips to purchase the correct size.

Durable Collars Are Reliable

Dogs and puppies chew on their collars. You don’t want to purchase a collar only for your pup to destroy it less than 24 hours later. Many dogs have a natural urge to chew. Hunger or teething pain can trigger it.

Canines often make messes, roll around in the dirt, and bark at passersby. Dog owners need a reliable collar to prevent their dogs from running off while out for a walk. A durable collar will quiet your worries while you take a stroll with your pup.

They Don’t Have To Be Expensive

Durable doesn’t exactly mean pricey. A nylon collar is inexpensive and an excellent durable option for your pup. Leather is a chic and classy material that is strong but won’t break the bank. Plus, nylon and leather come in many styles and colors, ensuring you can find what you’re looking for.

There Are Environmentally Friendly Options

You can find environmentally friendly options for durable dog collars. They’re lightweight and non-toxic, and your dog can safely chew on them. Getting these types of collars is another way you can help the planet.

Tips for Measuring

Once you’ve decided to buy a durable dog collar, you want to make sure you purchase the correct size. Understanding how to measure your dog’s neck for its collar will help ensure the collar doesn’t hurt your pup.

There are two simple ways of measuring:

  • Using a fabric or flexible measuring tape
  • Using a string and a ruler

The simplest way to measure the neck is using a flexible measuring tape. You can wrap it around your pup’s neck where the collar will sit. You want it to rest there, but not tightly. Allow enough space for two fingers to fit.

If you don’t own a fabric measuring tape, a piece of string with a ruler will work just as well. Wrap the string around the dog’s neck and then measure the length of the string with the ruler. It’s as simple as that!

Most dogs enjoy roughhousing and playing, and that’s why you should pay attention to the reasons to have a durable dog collar for your dog. Gorilla Dog Beds has a fantastic selection of durable collars, including stainless steel dog collars. We’re sure you’ll find what you need.