How Orthopedic Dog Beds Can Make Your Dog Happier

Posted on February 3, 2022 by paigepesko

While many homeowners don’t want their dogs on their sofas and beds, your dog still needs a bed. A dedicated sleeping surface will keep them off the furniture and have numerous benefits for your dog’s health. Here’s how orthopedic dog beds can make your dog happier.

It’s a Place of Their Own

Dogs are like us in that they need a home to feel safe and secure. When they’re pups, they get this security from their mother. As they grow into adults, they need beds to replicate that feeling of warmth and safety. A dog bed gives your dog a safe space to retreat, relax, and unwind. It’s where they can recover after a long walk or an extended play session.

It’s Great for Their Health

When dogs sleep on cold, hard floors, they can experience lots of strain on their hips and joints. Since they sleep so long during the day, this can wreak havoc on their bones.

Providing a high-quality orthopedic dog bed can make your dog happier and solve this problem by preventing arthritis. The mattress will adequately support your dog’s joints, hips, and structural ailments. As a result, your dog will enjoy better mobility and stronger bones later in life.

It Provides Better Quality Sleep

We’ve all been there—you sleep horribly, and you feel terrible the next day. You’re in a bad mood, and you won’t feel better until you go to sleep again. Well, dogs aren’t immune to this feeling either. They often feel that way after sleeping on cold, hard surfaces. If you want to make your dog happier, do them a favor and provide them with a bed.

It Keeps Them Cleaner

Even if you clean your floor every day, it doesn’t take long for it to get dirty. If your floor is your dog’s primary sleeping surface, all that dust, dirt, and debris on it will go into their fur. You won’t have that issue with a dedicated dog bed. They often come with removable liners, making them effortless to keep clean.

As you can see, an orthopedic foam dog bed will do lots of good for your dog. The support will keep their bones and joints pain free, and the extra rest will keep them healthy and happy. Instead of struggling to sleep on a hard, dirty surface, they’ll enjoy a great night’s sleep.