5 Different Types of Dog Training Collars

Posted on March 9, 2023 by paigepesko

5 Different Types of Dog Training Collars

Training a dog takes lots of patience, time, and effort. However, using the right tools can make the job easier. Training collars can help with the process and make the experience positive for you and your pup. What’s a training collar, you ask? There are a few different ones available for dog owners. This blog will explore five different types of dog training collars so that you can get to know them.

Choke Collars

This type of training collar will get the attention of your dog. The metal links will tighten when your pup attempts to pull on the leash. It creates an uncomfortable feeling that will cause your furry friend to stop what they’re doing.

Choke collars aren’t ideal for fragile-necked or small dog breeds. They could cause more harm than good. Always ensure you’re using the collar properly and that the collar is comfortable for your pup.

Choke Collar Tip

To place the collar on correctly, position the collar so that it looks like a “P.” This tip ensures the chain’s pressure will release.

Slip Collar

The slip collar is a gentler training collar. It will tighten around your dog’s neck if they pull, but it won’t choke them. Place this collar high on your dog’s neck, right below their ears. This specific placement helps guide your furry friend in a natural position, making them less likely to pull during walks. It’s a great option for every dog owner because it’s gentle and effective.

Buckle Collar

The buckle collar is popular for many dog owners but probably the most useless. Yes, it can provide many sizes, but it won’t give proper feedback to your pup. It’s more appropriate for smaller dogs than larger pups due to a lack of control.

Prong Collar

The prong collar works similarly to the choke collar by applying pressure to your dog’s neck when they pull. The uncomfortable feeling will discourage your furry friend from pulling, and they’ll become more responsive to you.

The prongs should correct improper behavior, such as lunging, jumping, and pulling. Avoid using this training collar with small dogs and dogs who have sensitive necks. It can harm them.

Head Halter

This training collar has a design that’s gentle on a dog’s neck. It looks like a horse’s bridle without the reigns. A head halter is the perfect training collar for pups that enjoy pulling but have sensitive necks. It doesn’t apply the same pressure as a choke or prong collar.

A head halter may not be the best for a dog with a strong neck, though, as they could easily slip out. To get your pup used to wearing the collar, put it on them, then give them a treat.

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