Tips for Choosing Between a Dog Collar vs. a Harness

Posted on February 20, 2023 by paigepesko

Tips for Choosing Between a Dog Collar vs. a Harness

Dog owners everywhere can have difficulty choosing between a dog collar and a harness. They don’t know which is the best option for their pup. Should I take my pup for a walk with a collar, or is a harness the better option? This blog will help you choose between a dog collar and a harness.

Dog Harness

A dog harness goes over the pup’s chest, upper back, and shoulders dispersing pressure over a larger surface area than a traditional collar. They allow owners to have optimal control over their dogs.

A harness is better for taking your dog for a walk or hike because they don’t apply pressure to your dog’s neck. For this reason, pugs are happier with harnesses due to their breathing issues. Some dogs can slip out of their collars; you won’t need to worry about that with a harness. It provides more safety and stability.

Large dogs with orthopedic issues should use harnesses during walks. The harness can provide support for your pup. You’re able to help them get up and move around.

Ensure you remove the harness promptly after the walk. Your dog could get caught on something while they’re running around the house. The harness could also feel uncomfortable for your pup to wear 24/7.

Dog Collars

The nice thing about dog collars is that your pup can wear them comfortably. They’re also easier to remove and put back. Collars are the perfect place to clip on your dog’s ID tags. The tag should have your phone number or address so others can contact you if your pup runs away.

Dog collars aren’t the safest device for dogs to wear during walks. When your pup pulls on the leash, collars can restrict their airflow, and your dog can injure itself. Toy breeds, especially, should not wear collars during walks.

Collars are perfect for quick walks or if you’re stepping outside quickly. They’re definitely the more convenient option between the two.

Finding the Right Collar for Your Dog

Use the above tips to help you choose between a collar and a harness. It all depends on your dog’s breed and health issues. It may be best to have both on hand because they each have advantages and disadvantages. Invest in an unbreakable dog collar from Gorilla Dog Beds for a high-quality collar that will last. Search online or in-store for the correct size.