A Guide to Washing Your Dog’s Bed

Posted on June 1, 2020 by paigepesko

Canines are the most loyal companions on the planet. Yet, as fun as they are to have around, they can get pretty messy. Furry friends are notorious for tracking mud in the house, and their bedding can be pungent at times. If you’re on a cleaning kick, read this guide to washing your dog’s bed.

How Frequently Should You Wash?

Lots of dog owners don’t wash their pet’s bedding nearly enough. It’s best to wash Fido’s bed at least once a week. This rule makes sense when you think about how dirty your pup gets every day. Plus, summer has finally arrived, and tons of dogs love to soak up the sun. Afterward, they come inside and plop down on their bed. All the mud and germs that attached to pup while they were playing outdoors transfer to their bed. So, it’s their owner’s responsibility to keep up with the maintenance.

The Cleaning Process

Cleaning a dog bed is a more strenuous process than people realize. If you want to get rid of all the germs and bacteria on your companion’s bed, you must put it in the washing machine. Wash the bed on a hot cycle (close to 140 degrees) so that bacteria are killed in the process. If you’re worried that the bed is too big for your washing machine, take it to a dry cleaner. These establishments have much larger machines that can handle heavier items. Finally, if you’re in a rush, quickly vacuum the bed to remove dust. You should still do a more thorough clean when you have time, though.

Use the Right Products

You must be careful when choosing cleaning products for your pup’s bed. Their fur and skin are sensitive and may react badly to certain detergents. Make sure to read the ingredients on the bottle before you use anything. The last thing you want is for Lassie to start sneezing the minute she lies down for a nap. Another pro tip is to use scented products—as long as they’re safe. Dogs can get incredibly stinky in the summer because of the heat. Do your best to mask the smell with flowery cleaning products.

Follow this guide to washing your dog’s bed if you’re worried about tackling the project. Dog owners must take care of their furry friends as best as they possibly can. This means showering them with love, giving them food and exercise, and cleaning them and their belongings. If you didn’t keep up with washing Fido’s bed as frequently as you should have, throw it in the trash. Start fresh with a chew-proof dog bed that your puppy will love. Remember to wash it at least once a week so that Lassie can enjoy it for years to come.