How Do You Prepare to Bring A New Dog Home

Posted on June 22, 2020 by paigepesko

2020 has been one of the wildest years in history. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed life as we know it. Words like “social distancing” are enmeshed in our everyday vocabulary. People are staying home in droves to slow the virus’s spread. One positive that’s come from the madness is that people are adopting dogs at an unprecedented rate. Shelters across the country are empty. This guide answers the question that so many new pet owners are wondering. How do you prepare to bring a new dog home?

Grab the Essentials

Furry friends are a lot of work. You should grab all the essential supplies before you bring Fido home. For starters, you’ll need a collar and leash. Expect your pup to be a little rambunctious when they walk through the door. The best way to keep track of them is by using a leash and collar. Next, consider getting a customized water and food bowl. Your loyal companion will surely need a drink, given all the excitement. So, why not fancy things up a bit by getting supplies with their name on it?

Your furry friend will undoubtedly be exhausted by the end of their first day in a new place. Purchase a top-of-the-line dog bed where your pup can rest their head at night. Remember to purchase a durable dog crate as well as a chew-proof dog crate pad for the house. Your new mate might be anxious for the first couple of nights in the new place. So, please, don’t be alarmed if they nibble on some items to calm themselves down. It’d also be helpful to get stain and odor removers in case your pup has a few accidents inside.

Be Patient & Supportive

Bringing home a new doggo is so exciting. Yet, the experience may be a little overwhelming for your four-legged friend. Be as kind as you can as Fido transitions to their new life. You should expect long nights of crying and accidents around the house. Try your hardest not to lose your cool, though. Your companion will grow to love you if you consistently tell them how happy you are that they’re in your life. Another pro tip on preparing to bring your new dog home is to always remember that treats and toys are your friends.

Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on right now. Since many of us can’t see our friends and families, think about looking for a furry companion at a local animal shelter. Once they’ve adjusted to their new surroundings, Fido will help you through this challenging time. You’ll never regret bringing home man’s best friend.