Bedtime Routines To Calm Your Anxious Dog

Posted on March 2, 2021 by paigepesko

Pups need their beauty sleep—just like humans. However, nighttime can be challenging for some dogs because of the darkness and separation anxiety. Here are some bedtime routines to calm your anxious dog if they’ve been keeping you up for hours on end. You both need rest so you can accomplish things the next day.

Lots of Pets

One thing that may come down your dog at nighttime is extra petting. Petting a nervous dog will help soothe their nerves and reminds them that everything is okay. So, get on the floor if you don’t allow your pooch on the couch. The longer you pet them, the more relaxed and comfortable they’ll feel.

Tasty Treats

You can also help your dog feel better with a tasty treat. For starters, treats will keep them distracted from the things going on around them. In addition, if you give them a treat every night, they’ll associate it with positivity. So, be ready for some puppy dog eyes every time the clock strikes seven.

Chewable Items

Some pooches release their nervous energy by chewing on things. Buy a few toys that Fido can munch on. Again, much like the treats, chewable toys will help distract them from the nerves they have at night. Think about getting an indestructible crate pad as well. Every dog should have its own personal space in the house, so make sure to keep the toys in that area, and you’ll be good to go.

Leave a Piece of You With Them

Another bedtime routine to calm your anxious dog is to leave a piece of you with them. Dogs get anxious at nighttime for several reasons. Still, one of the most common reasons why they may be nervous is separation anxiety. You are your dog’s number one priority. So, when you go into your room at night, they’ll be anxious wondering if you’re okay. Leaving them with a sweater of yours or an old T-shirt will make them feel like you’re still with them as they drift off to sleep.

Every owner wants their pet to sleep through the night. After all, you don’t sleep unless they do. Start your doggy bedtime by visiting Gorilla Dog Bed’s site today. We have indestructible crate pads that Fido can chew up if they’re feeling overwhelmed.