How To Choose the Right Type of Dog Bed for Your Pet

Posted on March 16, 2021 by paigepesko

You probably consider your own bed somewhat of a necessity rather than a luxury item, and the same can be said for your dog’s bed. Indeed, there are plenty of places for your dog to sleep around the house without complaint. However, your dog would be overwhelmed with joy if you provided them with their very own special bed. It gives your dog a sense of security, and dog beds are comfy as well. Most dogs will choose a bed over sleeping on the ground. Also, it protects your own home by keeping fur, dirt, and pet dander off of your own bed or furniture. This is especially important for those who suffer from allergies. Whether your dog needs an orthopedic dog bed or desires the plushness of a luxury dog bed, learn how to choose the right dog bed for your pet in this quick guide.

What Size Dog Bed Should I Get?

You’ll want to measure your dog accurately, and this will determine the surface area that your furry friend needs. While your pet is sleeping, start at the tip of their nose and measure all the way to the rump; then, measure from the crown of the head to the bottom of the pads on the feet. Also, obtain these measurements while your pup is standing. If your dog sleeps in a ball, measure the dog from side to side. If they are a back sleeper, measure from the crown of his head to the tip of the tail.

You may have to consider other factors. What size is your house? Maybe you’re thinking about buying a dog bed for the car, where a smaller bed will suffice for shorter periods. As a rule of thumb, use your dog’s dimensions as the most reliable parameters for choosing a dog bed. When in doubt, buy the larger size.

Dog Bed Shapes

Does your dog walk around in a tight circle before finally plopping down for a rest? If so, you’ll want to choose a round dog bed shape for your dog. Alternately, choose a rectangular shape bed if your dog sleeps on one side with their legs sticking out or sleeps on their back. If your dog curls up and sprawls out, then choose a rectangular-style pillow bed.


This pertains to the bed’s function and form. Again, let your dog’s habits guide your buying decision. Does your dog need the security of walls, or does your dog let it all hang out? Maybe a compromise is in order; try out an open design with a bolster that offers support and doubles as a chin prop, just like your couch. While your dog might not give a lick as to the appearance of the bed, you probably do.

We hope this guide on how to choose the right dog bed for your pet has helped you decide on the coziest spot for your furry friend. You’ll find a wide variety of dog beds and dog bed covers in the collection at Gorilla Dog Beds, and they are all made to unzip and throw in the wash for easy care and maintenance. Both beds and covers are available in various colors, and they look beautiful with any home décor. Browse our luxury dog beds today to see what we have to offer.