Can Dog Beds Help with Anxiety?

Posted on April 2, 2020 by rpxwebmaster

Separation anxiety can make it hard for dogs to relax while you’re away, which can often lead to behavioral problems. And because you’re away from the house while it’s happening, it can be hard to handle. Separation anxiety is how your dog can handle you being away all day, and some of them have it worse than others. Dogs are companion animals. And when their owners aren’t around, they can get stressed, scared, or even angry.  Dog beds for anxiety can be a great way to get your dog to relax while you’re gone during the day, so he or she won’t have an emotional breakdown. And if your dog gets nervous while it’s inside a crate, you can find pads that will provide some level of comfort and security.

Signs Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can lead to many behavioral problems, which can include but may not be limited to:

  • Chewing things that they shouldn’t.
  • Constant barking.
  • Frequent scratching.
  • Peeing or pooping inside.
  • Trying to escape.

Many of these problems can be hard to handle, and some dogs can exhibit a number of behaviors while they’re dealing with separation anxiety. Humans tend to follow a specific routine that dogs can learn to recognize. And when they notice certain things before you leave, it can trigger the cycle of anxiety. Some of the signs that you should look for include:

  • Pacing
  • Lip licking
  • Whining
  • Shaking
  • Shy behavior

You can also go into the yard and out of your dog’s sight, so you can notice any behavioral problems.

How an Orthopedic Dog Bed Can Help with Separation Anxiety

Orthopedic dog beds can help your dog deal with separation anxiety, because they can provide a comfortable space. Like their wolf ancestors, dogs are den animals. So, they like to have their own space where they can be comfortable. These types of dog beds for anxiety can help them find a comfortable place that they feel is safe, but you need to find a good one. Some pet beds for anxiety claim to be orthopedic, but they’re made of a fake material that looks like the real thing. You want to find a comfortable dog bed for anxiety that’s made of quality materials, because it will make sure your dog is comfortable and healthy while he or she is dealing with separation anxiety. Your dog may also get nervous while inside a crate, so you should also consider getting pad that will fit comfortably inside.

You want to place the bed close to where you spend a great deal of time, so your dog can get used to it while you’re around. And eventually, he or she will get comfortable even when you’re not. This will make sure your dog can have a positive association with it, even while you’re gone. You should also fill the bed or crate pad with comfortable items (such as a blanket that smells like you or a toy with which you and your dog frequently play), because they can offer more positive associations while you’re gone.

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