Essential Products for Your Dog Crate

Posted on May 13, 2021 by paigepesko

Getting a new dog is an exciting time for you and the dog. You want to make everything as perfect as possible for your new pup. This includes the dog’s crate since your dog will be spending a decent amount of time in there, especially if they’re still a puppy. This is just one reason why you want to make sure you get the right things to put inside it. In order to know what those items might be, we’ve made you a list of essential products for your dog crate that we’re sure your new pup will enjoy.

Food and Water

If your dog is going to be spending any long periods in their crate, whether it’s at night or while you’re at work, they might need to have access to food and water. This is a double-edged sword, though, because giving them access to food and water will make them need to take more trips outside to relieve themselves.

If you decide to give your dog access to both from within their crate, your next order of business is ensuring they won’t spill over. There are quite a few tip-proof bowls on the market, as well as ones that clip to the side of the cage. These are perfect for food. They can work for water as well, but the best bet for giving your dog water in their crate is a lickable water bottle. There will be no way for them to spill water with one of those.

Dog Bed

This one is probably the most essential product for your dog crate. More likely than not, your dog is going to be asleep while in their crate. Even if they’re awake, they will probably be lying down, so they’re going to need a bed. Most dog beds will work well as long as they fit in the cage.

However, there is one type of bed that is made specifically for kennels, and that is a dog crate pad. You can get these in almost any form. Orthopedic beds seem to be one of the most common options. If you know that your new pup likes to tear things up, you might be looking for an indestructible crate pad. Our online store has a good selection of these pads that come in chew-proof or scratch-proof varieties.


If you are afraid that your dog might get bored in their new cage, you might want to buy them a toy or two to play with. Having a good chew toy will hopefully discourage them from chewing on something they’re not supposed to. You could also get them a puzzle feeder. These will keep your dog very entertained, and if they ever figure it out, they will receive a treat as their reward.