Guide To Purchasing Indestructible Dog Beds

Posted on April 20, 2021 by paigepesko

You’re a meticulous and loving pet owner. You think you have everything your dog needs to be comfortable in its home. Dogs can be very content when made comfortable, but we all know some dogs aren’t as easy as others to settle down. But if you have a dog that chews through everything—including its bed—you’re most likely looking for a solution. Here’s a guide to purchasing indestructible dog beds so that you can buy one that lasts for many years to come.

Why Do Dogs Destroy Their Beds?

An indestructible bed is a bed that your dog can’t destroy due to a number of factors. Dogs are natural chewers and diggers. And, if you look at the toy basket for your dog, most toys are soft, fabric-covered, and fiber-filled. Toys trigger the canine instinct to chew. Many dogs try to “kill” their toys and rip them to pieces. Look at your dog’s bed. It’s also soft, fabric-covered, and fiber-filled.

Your dog may interpret its bed as a toy and try to “kill” it. Also, dogs tend to nest in the wild and instinctively scratch the spot they choose for slumber. A deep-digging dog will tear the cover off a dog bed, and another one bites the dust. As if that wasn’t enough, there are the dogs who are anxious, phobic, bored, or in pain. A dog suffering separation anxiety or a fear of storms will often rip up everything in sight. Without adequate physical or mental stimulation, dogs will exhibit destructive behaviors, including digging, chewing, and shredding.

What To Look For in an Indestructible Dog Bed

Some Gorilla Dog Beds feature chew-proof technology made for dogs who enjoy tearing up their bed. Each of these beds feature triple-stitched seams, dense fibers, and a puncture-resistant exterior that encloses a soft, plush orthopedic mattress. If your dog is a bed destroyer, you will need one of these beds. If you are skeptical, Gorilla Dog Beds chew-proof dog beds come with a 125-day chew-proof guarantee. If your dog hasn’t destroyed it by then, it has probably grown bored trying.

What Other Qualities Should a Dog Bed Have

If your dog has destroyed multiple beds, then you know that the price can add up. That’s why you want the best dog bed designed with your wallet in mind. Gorilla Dog Beds are priced ultra-competitively, so you get the most protection for your money. You should also be mindful of the size of the bed. If a mattress is too small for a dog, they will look at it like a toy and not a bed. We hope this guide to purchasing indestructible dog beds helps you come to a buying decision about not only sturdy beds, but the indestructible dog beds and indestructible dog crate pads Gorilla Dog Beds has to offer.