Essential Tips for Introducing Your Dog to Strangers

Posted on July 8, 2020 by paigepesko

Pups are such jovial creatures. Everyone loves to stop and pet them while they’re out for a walk. However, dogs tend to get overexcited when they meet new friends. That’s why, as a dog owner, you should follow these essential tips for introducing your dog to strangers. If you follow this advice, you and your loyal companion can greet as many people as possible.

You’re the Boss

It’d be best if you tried your hardest to control your furry friend when every time they meet new people. Use reassuring tones so that your pup doesn’t think they’re in trouble. However, it’s important to also be firm. Don’t forget to use your resources, too. Always make sure your dog is on a leash, so they’re easier to handle and don’t jump on people. If you’re authoritative and reassuring with Lassie, they’ll remain calm too. Remember, your dog mimics your behavior in lots of scenarios. So, the calmer you are, the better.

Treats & Compliments

You can never have too many treats on hand when introducing your pup to new people. Dogs need a distraction when they’re placed in a new situation. Your furry friend is more likely to remain calm and listen to your commands when treats are involved. Also, give Fido as many accolades as you can during the encounter. The more you tell them they’re a good boy or girl, the more likely they will continue that behavior.

Space Is Your Friend

Every dog needs time to adjust when meeting someone new. It’s not a wise idea to let your loyal companion run toward a stranger on their own. Again, you should use your leash to keep your dog away from people until they’ve calmed down a bit. Once your four-legged pal has their emotions under control, slowly let them walk up to people and sniff things out. You should keep a tight hold on the leash until your pup has proven they won’t jump on the person.

These essential tips for introducing your dog to strangers will help you through a tough situation. Pups love being around people; sometimes, though, their excitement gets the best of them. If you’re expecting new guests soon that Fido hasn’t met yet, think about buying an indestructible dog bed from Gorilla Dog Beds. Your furry friend may get a little anxious because of the new visitors. So, try your hardest to prepare and shop at Gorilla Dog Beds today.