Everything You Should Be Cleaning in Your Dog’s Crate

Posted on June 8, 2022 by rpxwebmaster

Everything You Should Be Cleaning in Your Dog’s Crate

Your furry friend appreciates a clean, comfortable home. When you have a dog, you understand how important it is to keep their crate clean and fresh. This blog will break down what you should be cleaning in your dog’s crate and how to clean the kennel.

What You Should Clean

The short answer, everything in your dog’s crate should receive some type of rinse or scrub down. The chew-proof kennel pad needs washing as well. Don’t forget to clean the cage itself and your pet’s toys.

Now, how about we take a closer look at how to clean all the items properly?

How To Clean a Large Metal Crate

Cleaning your dog’s cage is time-consuming work. Most crates have a convenient removable tray that you can pull out and scrub clean.

Washing Soft Materials

This cleaning process is most likely going to be the easiest part. Most dog beds and kennel pads are machine washable. Toss soft toys or blankets into the washing machine with the bed. These parts should receive frequent washing to ensure your pup is comfortable 24/7. You don’t have to wash the entire kennel every time to throw things into the wash.

Make sure you check if your laundry detergent is pet-friendly. You want a mild detergent with no scent for your animals. Regular washings will help eliminate foul odors and fur balls all over your floor.

Odor Removal

Spray a generous amount of pet odor remover on the bottom of the cleared-out kennel and allow it to air dry. You want to make sure your dog and house smell fresh before moving on to the next step in the cleaning process.

Wash Time

Assuming you can wait for a sunny morning or afternoon, it’s best to wash the cage outside.

If you’re unable to wash the cage outside, the bathtub is the next best area. Use a scrub brush and fill a bucket with warm water and a pet-friendly cleaning solution. Line the tub with thin towels to avoid scratches, and then it’s time to start scrubbing the tray and bars.

Final Thoughts

Remember, you don’t have to wash the kennel every week, but the soft surfaces and toys need weekly washings. And you should be cleaning everything in your dog’s crate. Happy cleaning!