The Most Common Reasons Your Dog Is Anxious at Night

Posted on May 25, 2022 by paigepesko

It’s not an unusual issue to have an anxious dog at night. Sometimes it’s simply because they’re getting older. Or perhaps you recently brought your pup home and they’re learning to adjust to a new environment. Keep reading to explore the most common reasons why your dog is anxious at night.


If you have a puppy, they may be missing their littermates and doggy parents. It can be a challenge learning to sleep on your own when your pup is accustomed to sleeping with other puppies. The same can be true for rescue dogs that come from homes with multiple animals.

Develop a bedtime routine as soon as you bring your pup home. Let them run around the yard or take them for a walk to ensure they get a bathroom break before bedtime. Give your dog a soft, heavy-duty dog bed to sleep in during the night. Provide them with a safe space to feel comfortable.

Not Enough Exercise

One thing almost all dogs have in common is that they love taking walks! However, some breeds require more exercise than a quick walk around the block. They need enough mental and physical stimulation to sleep well at night. Otherwise, you may end up with a restless dog.

Set up a good routine to ensure your pup receives a good amount of exercise. Play tug-of-war, take frequent walks, and enjoy a game of catch to help with physical stimulation. For the mental side, give a food puzzle with their dinner. You’ll soon notice your pup is sleeping peacefully through the night.

Your Dog Is Aging

Your dog will go through physiological changes as they age. You may notice that they can’t see as well, put on some weight, lost weight, or sleep more during the day. You may find them wandering through the house in the middle of the night because they can’t stay comfortable.

You may need to take shorter, more frequent walks to accommodate your aging dog. If your pup is in pain, it’s best to contact your vet to discuss pain management solutions to make your dog feel more comfortable.

Giving your pet lots of love and affection may not solve the problem. If you notice any of these common reasons your dog is anxious at night, refer to this blog to help solve the issue.