How To Keep Your Dog Calm During the Holidays

Posted on November 4, 2021 by paigepesko

The holidays can become chaotic for us humans, which can cause anxiety and stress for our wonderful fur babies. Explore the following advice for how to keep your dog calm during the holidays.

Before the Festivities

All the prepping and preparing for the holidays can cause your dog’s anxiety to spike. The following tips will help keep your dog happy during the festivities.

Call the Vet

Give your veterinarian a ring to discuss reducing your pup’s anxiety. Sometimes the help of anti-anxiety medication is what your dog needs; your vet will decide if this is the right option for your dog.

Maintain Normal Routine

Party planning can disrupt your regular schedule, which can increase your dog’s anxiety. Maintain their daily routine as much as possible.

Exercise and Grooming

Take your dog out for a long walk and then settle in for a long grooming session filled with brushing and bonding. This exercise will leave your dog happily exhausted during the party.

Acclimate Your Pet

Invite over a few friends who have dogs so your pet will grow comfortable with strangers and other pets. Give your pup positive reinforcement with treats and praise when they demonstrate good behavior.

Create a Safe Space

Provide your dog with a secluded and quiet area away from all the noise and people. This area should include water, food, favorite toys, and a comfortable chew-proof dog bed from Gorilla Dog Beds. You can even provide them with soft, calming music or turn on the television to create some noise to block out the party. This space is their little escape to paradise.

During the Party

There are a few pieces of advice to keep in mind while the festivities are happening.

Safe-Space Off Limits

Place a “do not disturb” sign on your dog’s door, so guests know not to enter and disturb them. This sign will remind party goers that your fur baby should be left alone while they’re relaxing. However, you don’t have to keep your dog in this area the entire time.

Manage the Introductions

If your dog is out while guests are arriving, take control of the situation and introduce your pup to party-goers as they show up. This step can help keep your furry canine calm and safe around other people.


Ensure you’re giving your dog enough attention throughout the event or evening. All the hustle and bustle can send your dog for a loop, but following these tidbits to help keep your dog calm during the holidays will provide them with stability.