3 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Chewing Their Bed

Posted on November 17, 2021 by paigepesko

Our dogs are part of the family, and the same way you take time when investing in a good-quality mattress, our pups deserve to rest and relax in style. It can be tough to spend money on a bed that you know your dog will destroy in a week. Let’s take a look at three reasons why your dog is chewing their bed and why you should invest in a chew-proof dog bed.

Anxiety and Boredom

It’s crucial to remember that your pup needs stimulation for their body and mind. No matter how busy you become with work, kids, or traveling, you must continue to provide your dog with enriching toys, regular walks, and other activities to prevent the destruction that comes from boredom.

Separation anxiety can also lead to destructive behavior. Bed chewing is a sign of stress. Redirect this behavior with long daily walks, enriching games, and involving them with other activities while you’re home. Stock your home with chew toys that will make your dining room table legs less appealing to gnaw on.

Their Instinct and Exploring

Babies explore through chewing, and puppies are the same way. Your pup is learning and understanding the world around them. You should manage your expectations when it comes to chewing because it’s your dog’s instinctive behavior, the same way scratching is for cats. You should redirect the behavior using chew toys and other acceptable items to gnaw on instead of trying to halt the behavior altogether.

Underlying Health Issues

Another reason why your dog is chewing their bed could be an underlying health issue, especially if you can’t trace it back to a lack of enrichment. Make an appointment to talk with your dog’s vet immediately if you suspect your dog has gastrointestinal issues or compulsive chewing disorder.

What To Look For in a Bed

Durability and comfort are crucial for your dog. You’ll find the most success in purchasing a tough chew-proof dog bed for your furry baby. Providing your dog a safe, comfortable place to relax and unwind after a long day is great for fighting against joint pain. Also, after a few unsuccessful attempts to chew the bed, they’ll lose interest.