How to Keep Your Dog from Tracking Mud in the House

Posted on January 6, 2020 by paigepesko

Pups love to play outside. It’s so fun to watch them roll around and get some exercise. However, all the joy dissipates when they come inside and get mud everywhere. This guide shows worried dog owners how to keep your dog from tracking mud in the house. Believe it or not, there’s a way your pup can have a blast outside without destroying your home.

Clean Their Paws Using a Distraction

If you’re wondering how to keep your dog from tracking mud in the house, you must start by cleaning their paws the minute they get inside. Yes, this is easier said than done. Luckily, there’s a way you can wipe your furry friend’s paws before they get dirt all over your home. If you tell your pup to sit the minute they get in the house, immediately hand them a toy after they listen. Once they’re seated and playing with their toy, clean their paws and body as quickly as possible. Make sure you have all your materials ready before your dog makes their way indoors. Hopefully, Fido will be so enthralled with their toy that they won’t even notice you’re cleaning them off.

Keep Them as Trimmed or Shaved as Possible

Extra fluffy dogs are great snuggle buddies. However, all that extra fur means they’re more likely to track mud throughout the house. If you’re concerned with keeping your home dirt-free, keep your pup as trimmed or shaved as possible. The more fur your furry friend has, the more likely they’ll get mud everywhere. By trimming them, you minimize the likelihood of dirt getting stuck in their fur. There’s nothing more frustrating than thinking your puppy is completely clean, only to realize they left dirt all over your couch.

Block Off Muddy Areas

Dogs love backyards. It’s a space where they can run around and burn off their energy. However, it’s also where they get the dirtiest. Any anxious dog owners wondering how to prevent their dog from tracking mud in the house should block off any muddy areas their pup tends to go in. If there’s a particularly dirty spot in your front or backyard, block it off so your dog can’t get to it. If your puppy can’t get to a muddy spot, they’re less likely to bring mud inside your home. This rule applies to walks as well. Avoid dirty sidewalks or puddles at all costs. Your dog can still enjoy themselves without making a mess.

Pups are like a magnet for mud. Lots of dogs can’t seem to resist getting muddy when they go outside. Yet, there are tons of things you can do to ensure they don’t bring that dirt into your house. If you follow these steps, your house will remain dirt-free, and your puppy will still have a blast outside. If Fido follows the rules and lets you wipe their paws without causing too much trouble, consider rewarding them with a luxury dog bed. Here at Gorilla Dog Beds®, we have a wide selection of beds to provide your pup with some comfort after they’ve finished running around outside.