Tips for Training Your Dog to Sleep in its Own Bed

Posted on January 20, 2020 by paigepesko

Dog owners, you and your pup need to have your own space. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little “me” time; you’ll both be better for it. However, for that to happen, your furry friend must have his/her own place to go. Follow these tips for training your dog to sleep in its own bed. You’ll both have a better night’s sleep and appreciate each other’s presence in the morning.

Break Up the Training

A vital tip for training your dog to sleep in its own bed is to do the training in increments. Don’t expect your pup to sleep soundly through the night at the very beginning of the process. It’s going to take some time. Instead, make your dog start by taking naps on their bed for only a few hours at a time. Breaking up the training makes the situation less stressful for little Fido. They won’t be overwhelmed by having to sleep by themselves right away. Remember to remain patient; if you do things in increments, your dog will eventually sleep in their own bed.

Reward Them

If you want your dog to sleep in their own bed, it must be an enjoyable place they want to go. Reward your furry friend every time they doze off on their own bed. If they associate rewards with their bedding, they’re more likely to sleep there without any issues. Make sure their bed is as comfortable as possible too. Purchase a cushy bed that they’ll have a hard time walking away from. It would also help if you bought a chew proof dog bed. Your puppy might be a little anxious sleeping on their own, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Put lots of toys around them so that they have things to play with when they get bored. After a while, they’ll forget all about wanting to climb into bed with you.

Don’t Let Them on Your Bed

You can’t let your pup onto your bed if you want them to sleep on their own. It’ll confuse them and make them wonder what’s acceptable and what’s not. You need to stay firm with Fido and make sure they know your bed is yours, and yours alone. You can cuddle on the couch or floor. If you truly want your pup to sleep in their own area, you need to stick with the rules—don’t let them win you over with their puppy dog eyes. Just because you don’t let your dog on your bed doesn’t mean they aren’t your best friend. You only need a little separation; you’ll both be better for it.