How To Make Your Dog More Comfortable After Surgery

Posted on September 8, 2020 by paigepesko

No one wants to think about their pup going under the knife. Yet sometimes, surgery is necessary to fix whatever issues they’re experiencing. Follow this guide on how to make your dog more comfortable after surgery if Fido has just undergone an operation. With a lot of love and rehab, Lassie will be back on their paws in no time.

Design a Cozy Sleep Space

Your furry friend will likely need lots of rest after their operation. So, you should try your hardest to create the ideal resting spot for your pooch by adding lots of blankets and pillows to their crate. Another idea is to purchase a luxury dog bed from Gorilla Dog Beds. Our memory foam dog beds are the coziest option on the market, so they’re the perfect lounging spot for pups who need rest. Don’t worry, though, the beds are still incredibly durable, so they can withstand a little wear and tear if Lassie gets anxious and starts chewing.

Limit Their Activities

Another tip on how to make your dog more comfortable after surgery is to limit their mobility. Whether your pup tore their ACL or had an internal problem, it’s probably best that they don’t run around all over the yard for a while. Do your best to keep Fido as calm as possible while they recover to minimize the likelihood of reinjuring themselves. Instead, snuggle up with them on the floor so you can get in some quality bonding time without putting too much stress on their body.

Follow the Vet’s Orders
Every dog owner thinks they know what’s best for their loyal companion. However, after your pooch goes under the knife, you must follow your vet’s advice because they’re the expert. If the professional gives you a list of rehabilitative exercises, be sure to do them regularly. Also, be sure to give Lassie any prescribed medicines that may alleviate their pain and help them feel better quicker. The more you trust the experts, the faster your pup will recover.

The best thing you can do for your pooch as they recover from an operation is to make them as comfortable as possible. Following the vet’s advice and purchasing high-quality materials will have Lassie up and running again no time. You’ll be running through the autumn leaves and playing a fun game of fetch together again very soon.