The Importance of Personal Space for Your Dog

Posted on September 21, 2020 by paigepesko

Dogs and humans have more in common than some people think. Like their owners, pups need space at home where they can go to clear their minds. This piece talks about the importance of personal space for your dog and provides helpful tips on how to create the oasis they deserve.

Let Out Frustrations

Sometimes pups have rough days. At times like these, they need somewhere to go and let out their frustrations. As their owner, you should create a space for them at home where they can go and get rowdy if they need to. Folks should also think about placing an indestructible dog bed in the corner that Fido can chew up when they feel worried.

Gorilla Dog Beds has an impressive selection of products for people who are looking for something more durable. Another pro tip is that dogs like placing their bodies against the wall, as it makes them feel more protected and secure. Thus, corners are the ideal spots for loyal companions to chill. Try your best to lighten the corner up before calling your pup over, so the area seems more welcoming.

Rest & Relaxation

You must prioritize your furry friend’s mental health just as much as their physical health. One way to ensure they get the peace of mind they need is to build them their own space. Creating a personalized area for them will show your pup that you care and want them to have peace of mind. Also, making a dog-friendly area will keep them off the furniture, so you’ll both be happy in the end.

More Convenient

Another reason why canines need personal space is so they can have a comfortable spot when guests come over. As much as people love them, dogs can get rather excited when people come in the door. Make things easier on yourself and your guests by placing Lassie in their own area until everyone gets acclimated. Once everyone’s settled in, your pup can go and give kisses.

No one should underestimate the importance of personal space for their dog. All dog owners want to spend as much time with their loyal companions. However, the human/canine relationship will ultimately grow stronger when each party has alone time. Sometimes, the famous saying does ring true—absence makes the heart grow fonder. Hopefully, after some time on your own, you and your pup can come together again and have some fun.