Solid Color Gorilla Ballistic Tough Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad Replacement Covers™



Please note: 125-day Chew-Proof Warranty does not apply to replacement covers.
For the the 125-day warranty, the full set must be purchased. Click here for more information.

About This Product

Solid color Gorilla Ballistic Kennel and Crate Pad Covers ONLY- Mattress not included (125-day warranty applies to complete Kennel and Crate pads only and does not apply to replacement covers)

Gorilla Ballistic kennel and crate pads are extremely durable, rugged, strong, and puncture-resistant. Gorilla Ballistic is extremely dense and has an inner coating that prevents dust, mold, mildew, and odor from penetrating the foam. It is the toughest and most chew-resistant kennel and crate pad on the market. Period. We manufacture these using a military-grade Velcro enclosure on the underside and a 268lb pull strength zipper that keeps your dog from penetrating the foam. All our seams are triple stitched to ensure the toughest kennel pad on the market.  We also included a tie-down system that keeps your dog from flipping the pad over inside the kennel.


  • Extreme chew and scratch resistance
  • American made
  • 100% authentic ballistic material
  • Military-grade & triple stitched
  • Dirt and water-resistant
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Hypoallergenic & odor resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Washing & Maintenance Instructions

All Gorilla Dog Bed covers, kennel covers, and liners are machine washable.  Our nesting polyfill mattresses are also washable, but all our foam mattresses and crate pads are NOT.  Orthopedic mattresses should be exposed to fresh air when needed.  Our covers and liners should be washed separately and not with any other laundry. Close the Velcro cover completely before washing.  Wash in cold water and a delicate cycle. Liners should be washed unzipped and open to allow air to escape.  We do not recommend heat drying for any of our products.  Air drying will ensure the longevity of the covers and liners.  For easy cleaning and spot treatment, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe off stains, dirt, or hair.  An upholstery attachment for your vacuum can also be used.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Martha Haley
Gorilla crate bed and cover

Tough, but not indestructible. It took our Dobie longer to chew through this cover compared to other “indestructible” beds.

Gorilla dog beds

This was a replacement cover for the pad I bought over a year ago.

Joseph Haley
Works as advertised but overpriced.

Love the life span of these items. Our dog is mid sized and loves to "dig" at the bottom of his crate to tell us when he needs or wants to get out. Eventually he wore through the material but it was after months of scratching. The inner material was not breached so to save it we took it out of the crate and ordered a new cover. THe new cover went on easily and is performing just like the original. I would buy a couple of the beds to have around the house for Duke to lay on but the cost is prohibitive on a fixed income. They do work as advertised though.

Lana Meadows
Chew proof bed cover

Love the bed & the extra covers cause they r washable! AND because they r very durable but not completely chewproof! My pup chewed a hole in one corner of the covers with very little effort. She did not try chewing it though til about 4 months later.

Great product - easy install

This makes it so the dogs always have a kennel matt - even while one is being washed. These air dry very quickly.
These matts are the best current available - that's 3 decades of working in dog and cat rescue. AND - they are Made in the USA!