Puppy Preparation Tips For Anxious Adoptees

Posted on July 30, 2019 by paigepesko

Bringing home a new puppy is a big decision, but definitely an exciting one. Whether you’re getting your new family member from a responsible breeder or adopting them from your local shelter, there’s a good chance your new puppy might be a bit anxious in their new home. Puppies, in general, can create a surprising amount of chaos in your home, but especially ones that are dealing with some degree of anxiety and adjustment. To help you protect your home, take these steps when you’re preparing for an anxious adopted puppy.

Purchase Plenty Of Toys

Puppies have incredible amounts of energy for their size, and need plenty of exercise to keep them happy, healthy, and most importantly, busy with chewing on things that aren’t your furniture. Make sure you stock up on chew toys for your new furry friend before you bring them into your home, or they’ll likely find your favorite pair of shoes and decide that’s their new toy.

Prepare For House-Training

House-training your puppy takes time, and there’s a pretty strong chance that they could damage your floors or rugs in the process. To avoid this, look for dog kennel pads or other in-home options to help your puppy adjust while they’re working on house-training. At the very least, this will help protect your floors a bit.

Be Patient

Your new puppy might be a bit skittish at first once you welcome them to your new home, or they might have an adjustment period where their energy levels are a bit unpredictable. Don’t worry – this is normal for most pets. There are over 75 million pet dogs in the U.S., and most of them struggle at least a bit with acclimating to their new homes. Be patient and give your dog time to settle into their personality and environment.

Chew-Proof What You Can

While you might not always be able to predict what your puppy will chew on, you can take steps to chew-proof your home and their things as much as possible. Look for chew proof crate beds and other pet accessories. Opting for chew proof crate beds guarantees they’ll last much longer, meaning you’ll have to replace them less frequently.

Preparing your home for a puppy takes a bit of work, but with the right dog beds and other pet accessories, you’ll be set to welcome them home. For more information or to purchase tough dog crate beds for your new puppy, contact Gorilla Dog Beds® today.