Reasons You Should Use a Dog Crate Cover

Posted on November 9, 2022 by paigepesko

Reasons You Should Use a Dog Crate Cover

Many experts recommend crate covers to help your dog at night and during travel. They don’t work for every dog, but many dogs will benefit from a dog crate cover. Many will appreciate the enclosed space and safety the crate cover provides. Below, you’ll find the reasons you should use a dog crate cover and how to do so safely.

Is It Okay To Cover the Dog’s Crate?

A crate is meant to be a refuge for your pup, not a punishment. Ensure you’re accurately using the space. Dogs enjoy the security and seclusion a crate cover provides. They are den animals, after all. It’s instinctive for dogs to look for dark places to retreat to when they need their space. The crate cover can help soothe your pup and reduce their anxiety from visual stimuli.

Why Utilize the Cover?

Sights and sounds can be incredibly distracting to your dog. You could end up with an anxious dog who’s having trouble sleeping or calming down. A dog crate cover can help drown out all the noise and lights, allowing your pup to relax correctly.

Placing the cover on at night can help signal to your dog that it’s bedtime. When you lift up the cover in the morning, they understand it’s time to wake up and play. If your dog is easily excitable, the crate cover will help them not get excited when something runs past the window. It will eliminate any distractions.

It can also help a lot during travel. If your pup is a nervous traveler, covering the crate can help them relax without worrying about what’s happening around them. You eliminate the unfamiliar sights and sounds that overstimulate them during travel. Ensure you place a dog crate mattress in the crate to create a comfortable place for them to lie down.

How To Safely Cover the Crate

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind when utilizing a crate cover. To avoid blocking airflow, never completely cover the crate. Ensure the fabric you use is breathable, and keep it away from heat sources. When the weather is hot, keep an eye on the conditions under the cover. You won’t want your dog to overheat.

We all know puppies go through a chewing phase, and they may chew apart the cover if you’re not careful. Secure the blanket to prevent them from chewing and pulling the crate cover and ingesting it.

Utilizing a crate cover correctly can be a lifesaver for you and your pup. Your pup may not appreciate it at first because it’s new, but they’ll be thankful after adequate training.