Tips for Training Your New Puppy To Wear a Collar

Posted on November 22, 2022 by paigepesko

Tips for Training Your New Puppy To Wear a Collar

Puppies are incredibly cute, and it’s easy to see why many individuals love dogs. But becoming a puppy parent brings many responsibilities. One thing puppy parents need to do is teach their pup how to wear a collar. Puppies have to become accustomed to wearing collars; otherwise, it could be difficult to accomplish other tasks, such as walks and playtime. These are a few collar training tips for your new puppy.

Get Your Puppy Used to the Collar

Wearing a collar is something all dogs have to get used to. It’s an essential tool that keeps them safe when they are on walks or playing in the yard. Collars help keep your puppy nearby during training.

Take the training process slowly with your pup. Allow your puppy to spend the first few days at the house without a collar. It’s hard enough to acclimate to a new environment; your dog doesn’t need any additional stimulation. Start slowly by placing the collar on your dog for a few minutes every hour. Begin to increase the increments each day, and you’ll notice how quickly they become accustomed to the collar.

In about seven to eight days, your pup should feel comfortable wearing the collar 24/7. Taking things slowly provides the best chance for success.

Choose the Right Collar

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the collar choices in pet stores and online. Avoid buying a collar your pup will grow into. Puppies grow rapidly, but you’ll have to buy new collars as your dog grows to prevent discomfort and limit your puppy from getting free of their collar. Find something that’s lightweight and small. Your pup will have an easier time getting used to it.

Look for a collar that’s wide as opposed to thin. Wider collars apply less pressure to your puppy’s neck and are kinder to their throat. Ensure the clips are effective and user-friendly. You want to spend as little time as possible taking the collar on and off.

Puppies have a reputation for chewing, so look for a collar that can handle the gnawing. Gorilla Dog Beds has tough dog collars that can withstand munching.

Use Distractions To Help

Your pup may initially paw at their collar. If that’s the case, you may need to employ the power of distraction. Put the collar on right before you feed your puppy dinner or toss your pup their favorite ball. It doesn’t take much to distract an adorable puppy.

Remember only to remove the collar when your puppy is relaxed and calm. Treats can help distract and calm your pup before you remove the collar. With these tips, your new family member will enjoy wearing their collar in no time. Congratulations on your adorable new furry friend!