The Importance of Teaching Your Puppy Impulse Control

Posted on April 21, 2020 by paigepesko

Puppies bring so much light in this world. If you’re feeling down, holding a puppy will completely brighten your day. Training a young pup, however, is no easy feat. Puppies get easily excited when they meet new friends—canine or human. Read this resourceful guide on the importance of teaching your puppy impulse control. Both of your lives will be better for it.

Your Dog Should Be Able to Interact with Others

One of the reasons why it’s vital to teach your puppy impulse control is so that they can interact with people. Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable for Fido to get excited when people come into the house. However, there needs to be a limit. You don’t want your guests to get uncomfortable because your furry friend is jumping all over them—or worse. Who wants to clean up an accident the minute someone comes over for a visit? By teaching your puppy impulse control, you ensure that things go smoothly when you have visitors. Also, everyone wants Fido to play nice with other dogs. If you ever want to take your loyal companion to the dog park, you need to teach them calming techniques so they can control their excitement.

In Case of Emergencies

Handling any emergency is stressful. These overwhelming situations can be made much worse if you have a dog to worry about. For example, if you ever have to deal with a house fire, you need your pup to cooperate. This will be nearly impossible if your furry friend is overexcited. That’s why it’s critical to teach Fido to control their emotions. If one of your family members needs help and you must run out of the house, you should be able to put your dog in their crate so that you can handle things efficiently. Your pup will never go in their crate if they’re wagging their tail excessively back and forth.

Everyone wants their dog to be happy. A little excitement never hurt anyone. However, it’s when things get out of control that puppy owners have something to worry about. Your dog must have control, so they can interact with your guests as well as other pups. Also, you should be able to easily put your puppy in their crate in case of an emergency. Be sure to purchase an indestructible crate pad from Gorilla Dog Beds in case your furry friend is still hyped up while they’re in there.