Tips for Taking Care of Your Puppy this Summer

Posted on May 5, 2020 by paigepesko

Summer is the best season of all. There’s nothing better than catching some rays, eating ice cream, and taking a dip in a swimming pool. Summer can get even better with a new dog by your side. Get yourself a loyal companion for this upcoming season and read these tips for taking care of your puppy this summer.

Keep Them Cool

Dog owners need to help their furry friends beat the heat this summer. Start by making sure your dog has water wherever they go. Never let Fido’s water bowl go empty and keep another dish in the yard for when they’re outside. Pups get exceptionally warm in the summertime because they’re covered in fur. Could you imagine having a jacket on in 90-degree weather? That sounds awful! Consider running the sprinkler in your yard so your puppy can run through it to cool down. Pool owners—don’t be afraid to let Fido go for a swim, either. You must do everything in your power to prevent your furry friend from becoming overheated this summer.

Spend Lots of Time Outside

Play with your puppy outside this summer. As long as your loyal companion stays hydrated, there’s no reason the two of you can’t bask in the sunlight together. Chances are, Fido won’t have as much fun playing in the wintertime. Embrace the weather while you can and take your best friend on plenty of walks. Also, take your pup to the dog park as many times as you can. They’ll have a blast playing with all their friends in the sun. Hopefully, all that extra time outside will be more exercise time for you both.

Spoil Them

Everyone spoils themselves in the summer. People eat more ice cream than usual and take frequent vacations. Why not spoil your puppy a little during the summertime, too? Give Lassie special summer treats such as doggy ice cream or lots of ice cubes. Dog owners should also shop online for fun summer toys that squirt out water so Lassie can stay cool. Finally, give your pup a relaxing place to rest their head at night and buy a luxury dog bed from Gorilla Dog Beds. Fido will sleep soundlessly through the night and awake refreshed the next morning.

Follow these tips for taking care of your puppy this summer so you guys have the best season yet. You and your best friend will make lifelong memories if you keep them cool and spoil them a bit. Spend your days outside soaking up the sun while you can. Before you know it, the leaves will be falling off the trees, and you and Fido will be preparing for football season.