The Most Common Type of Dog Collars for 2022

Posted on December 6, 2021 by paigepesko

It can be overwhelming to choose which dog collar will be best for your dog with so many options available. Let’s take a closer look at the most common type of dog collars for 2022. Now, you’ll have a better understanding of each collar and make an educated decision for your dog.

Flat Collar

Most pet owners are familiar with the flat collar. It’s the standard and most familiar collar on the market. All dogs, if trained correctly, should be able to walk on a flat collar without any issues. Don’t pull on the leash to get your pup’s attention. This habit will teach them to pull back and make the collar useless. The pro of the flat collar is that it’s gentle on your dog’s neck when used correctly. The con is that your dog can choke themselves without knowing.

Slip Collar

Slip collars are available in a wide range of materials. These collars make it easier to overpower a robust and untrained pup. Shelters and vet offices use these collars for safety reasons where staff must control agitated dogs whether they enjoy it or not. Slip collars can cause damage to a pup’s neck if they lunge or pull often.

Head Collar

The head collar is similar to a horse’s halter. It will slip over your dog’s mouth and fasten behind the ears. They make it easier to redirect your pup’s attention and will prevent them from pulling. It can also provide a calming effect for your fur baby as you’re out on your evening stroll together. Pay attention while using the slip collar because you can jerk your dog’s head abruptly. Some pups are hesitant to allow you to put it on them and will try to remove it.

Dog Harness

Another of the most popular dog collars is the dog harness. There are two different types of harnesses for dogs: the front clip and the back clip. The front clip connects at your dog’s chest, and the back clip fastens at your dog’s back. The back clip is beneficial for short-nosed dogs like Boston Terriers or Pugs. The front clip will redirect them back if they begin to pull or strain themselves.

Prong or Pinch Collar

The prong or pinch collar is one of the more controversial collars on the market. Some claim it’s an effective training tool if used correctly, while others claim it hurts the dogs. Make sure you have the appropriate size prongs for your dog and that it sits high on their neck. Consult a professional trainer if you decide to use this collar.

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