What To Know About Different Types of Dog Leashes

Posted on August 2, 2023 by Team Gorilla

What To Know About Different Types of Dog Leashes

One of the first things a new dog owner purchases is a leash. However, stepping into your local pet store’s leash and collar aisle can be overwhelming because there’s much to sort through. It’s best to arm yourself with the proper knowledge before you venture online or into the store. This blog post will show you what you need to know about different types of dog leashes.

Standard Leash

This common leash is the one dog owners will use every day. You’ll find it available in several styles, widths, lengths, and materials. You may need a few different standard leashes for your pup for different purposes. One could be for walks and another for car rides. A standard leash typically contains leather or nylon. Both options are long-lasting and strong.

What is a standard leash good for? It’s great for training an easygoing dog that doesn’t have obedience issues. It’s not the best option for pups that pull a lot and have trouble following commands.

Martingale Leash

This leash type combines a martingale collar and a standard leash. Many dog owners use them as training aids, as they can help the dog learn to stop pulling. How does it work? When your pup pulls in the leash, it tightens. Don’t worry—it won’t harm or choke the dog. The leash provides only enough pressure to make your pup feel uncomfortable. This effect will teach your dog not to pull.

Bike Leash

It’s necessary to purchase a specific leash when you bring your dog along during bike rides. Running alongside the bike is a fantastic workout for many pups. A bike leash will attach to the bicycle frame, keeping your dog a safe distance from the cycle. Ensure you train your furry friend properly before you take it out for a long bicycle trip.

Double Dog Leash

Instead of juggling multiple leashes for your dogs, a double dog leash will allow you to use a single one. There’s one handle with a coupler to hook several dogs. It’s ideal for professional dog walkers and dog owners with multiple pets.

Use this guide to help you determine which dog leash type is best for your pup. When you decide, turn to Gorilla K9 Gear. Our chew-proof dog leashes will stand up to even the toughest nibblers. Plus, we have many styles, colors, and materials to choose from.