Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool During the Night

Posted on August 15, 2023 by Team Gorilla

Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool During the Night

Dogs have trouble regulating their body temperature. They rely on panting to cool down, so sleeping through a hot night can be demanding. Dogs are more at risk of overheating, heatstroke, and vomiting.

What can you do to take care of your furry friend during the night? Read below about the ways you can keep your dog cool while they sleep!

Regularly Groom Your Furry Friend

A dog’s fur acts as insulation. It protects the skin and helps to regulate the body’s temperature. However, too thick of a fur coat can be troublesome for hot nights.

Frequently brush your dog to get rid of excess fur. Long-haired dogs can benefit from a deshedder to remove additional fur the average brush can’t snag.

Even short-haired dogs need grooming from time to time. It’s a great technique to prevent the fur from inhibiting the dog’s ability to cool off.

Keep the Air Conditioning On at Night

Turning off the AC is a quick way to cause an uncomfortable sleep for your pup. Although temperatures decrease at night, the summer heat can still have a negative impact on their health. Remember to let the air conditioning run at night to give your dog a cool breeze as they sleep.

Place a Small Fan Where Your Dog Sleeps

If you have worn-out air conditioning or your pup sleeps upstairs, they might need an additional air source. Add a small fan near where your dog sleeps. Clip it onto their crate or sit it on the ground by their dog bed. The extra airflow will reduce the heat in the room and result in better sleep.

Add a Cooling Mat

Dogs typically search for tile floors in the house during the daytime for a refreshingly chilled feeling. However, if your dog sleeps in a crate or a plush surface, you might need something else to help them cool down.

Extra fluffy dog beds may not be the best option to keep your dog cool during the night. Another idea is to add a cooling mat on top of a durable dog bed.

A cooling mat is full of gel that cools when it moves around. As the dog gets comfortable on the mat, they’ll feel a chilled sensation while sleeping. This mat is also easy to move, so you can keep your dog comfortable no matter where they rest.

Keep a Bowl of Water Nearby

A drink of water is a helpful way for humans and dogs alike to cool down. So keeping a bowl of water with your dog while they sleep can be a good idea.

Just remember to avoid filling the water too much. If your dog is prone to accidents during the night, they’re more likely to have one if they have a large water source to drink from.