What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Says About Them

Posted on November 3, 2023 by Team Gorilla

What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Says About Them

Have you ever seen your dog sleeping in a strange position, taken a photo of the memory, and wondered what the sleeping position meant? The way dogs sleep often depends on the emotions they’re feeling. Read below to understand four common dog sleeping positions, what they say about your dog, and the style of dog bed that’s best suited for your companion.

Belly Up

The belly-up sleeping position is when your dog lies on their back with their paws in the air. This amusing, adorable posture might make you chuckle, but it has a deeper meaning. If your dog exposes their belly, it means they’re confident, trusting, and content. They feel safe in their environment.

Dog Bed Recommendation

Belly-up sleepers need sleeping arrangements that provide ample support for their spine and neck. A bed with raised edges is ideal, as it allows them to comfortably rest their heads and necks while providing a sense of security.

Curled in a Ball

Many dogs feel comforted when curled up in a tight, small ball, with their legs and tails tucked inward. This sleeping position can communicate that your dog is anxious, seeking security, or needing warmth.

Dog Bed Recommendation

Your dog may need additional comfort in order to feel safe when they sleep. A circle-shaped bed with high walls will strengthen your dog’s sense of protection and comfort.

Head and Neck Raised

The head-and-neck-raised position is when your dog sleeps with their head and neck elevated, often using a piece of furniture or the edge of their dog bed as a makeshift pillow. This sleeping style is common in dogs that like to keep an eye on their surroundings. They’re vigilant, alert, and protective, even during their rest periods.

This position may also indicate that a dog is dealing with a health issue that makes lying flat uncomfortable, such as difficulty breathing.

Dog Bed Recommendation

A bolster-style bed is a beneficial option for dogs who sleep on high alert. The raised edges and firm foundation will support the dog’s head and neck.

Lion’s Pose

The lion’s pose is a common sleeping position that describes dogs that sleep with their heads resting on their paws. Dogs that choose this pose are typically calm, composed, and comfortable, but they’re ready to spring into action if needed. This position allows for a quick transition from sleep to wakefulness, suggesting a dog that’s attentive to their surroundings.

Dog Bed Recommendation

A rectangular pillow or cushion-style bed is ideal for dogs that love the lion’s pose sleeping position. Since they love to move around and stretch, choosing a durable dog bed is the best option. It will offer the padding they need for their heads and paws without breaking down from frequent use.

Understanding your dog’s sleeping position is more than an interesting observation—it says many things about them, such as their personality traits and comfort level. With this information, you can select the right style of dog bed for your furry friend. They’ll sleep more comfortably with the added support of a plush, dependable dog bed.