What You Need To Walk Two Dogs at the Same Time

Posted on October 24, 2023 by Team Gorilla

What You Need To Walk Two Dogs at the Same Time

Walking two dogs simultaneously can be so fun; the sight of their wagging tails, synchronized steps, and playful interactions fill your heart with pure joy. However, the endeavor also presents its fair share of challenges. Each dog possesses a unique personality and walking style, demanding your attention and expertise to maintain control. To walk two dogs at the same time, here’s what you need.


Start by investing in a sturdy, chew-proof dog leash for both of your pups. These leashes will help you confidently manage your dogs while guaranteeing their safety.

If your furry companions differ in size or strength levels, adjustable leashes can be a great option to cater to their unique needs. These leashes provide the flexibility to accommodate varying requirements, making walks more enjoyable for you and your pets.

Dog Harnesses

A harness provides more control than a standard collar, which is essential for managing two dogs at once. A harness is a safer choice for dogs that tend to pull during walks. A harness distributes pressure more evenly across a dog’s body, reducing the risk of strain or injury. Just like for leashes, choose a high-quality, adjustable harness that can accommodate various breeds and sizes.

Coupler Leash Attachment

A coupler leash attachment can revolutionize your walks with multiple dogs. With this handy tool, you’ll free yourself of frustrating leash tangles. Plus, you’ll get an extra hand free for taking care of business like picking up after your dogs, opening doors, or taking a sip of water.

Treats and Poop Bags

When walking two dogs, don’t forget to pack plenty of treats for positive reinforcement and poop bags for cleanup. Pack more treats and bags than you think you need. You want to be prepared for the requirements of two dogs, and running out of your supplies will be more challenging with two pups in tow.

Patience and Consistency

When walking two dogs at the same time, you need to have patience. It may take some time for your pups to become accustomed to the new routine. Positive reinforcement and frequent walks will help them adjust gradually.

Soon enough, your dogs will find their stride. They’ll establish a harmonious walking pace, get comfortable with walking beside their furry companion, and enjoy exercising outdoors!