What’s the Best Type of Dog Bed for Larger Breeds?

Posted on April 2, 2020 by rpxwebmaster

If you live with a large dog breed, you might be having a hard time finding a suitable bed. These breeds need large dog beds that can support their size, and they need something that will be easy to get in and out of. Dog owners have a number of options from which they can choose — from orthopedic dog beds to elevated and bolstered dog beds. No matter what type of dog bed you decide to buy, it needs to have the right support. Large dog breeds are more prone to arthritis, so they tend to appreciate the comfort that large dog beds with orthopedic properties can give them.

These large dog beds can alleviate some of the joint pain from which they may suffer, can prevent skin problems, and can keep them off your furniture (which may not hold up to their occasional rough treatment). Memory foam can flatten out over time, so it’s better to go with overstuffed foam. Memory foam needs to have a minimum of two inches to be considered “orthopedic,” but most of them have at least four and up to seven inches. However, not all types of memory foam are the same. So, you need to compare their thickness, quality, and integrity.

Other Consideration for Purchasing Large Dog Beds

While support is critical for large dog beds, there are some other things you should also consider. Elevated dog beds that are approximately one to two feet off the ground will fit a giant breed better because they’re easier to get in and out of, especially if they have any soreness in their joints. But if they’re too high off the ground, they can lead to injuries and other problems. Any bed that your dog has to climb or jump in and out of can be too hard on their joints, and it can put them at risk for falling out or getting stuck. If you decide to get an elevated dog bed, it needs to be sturdy enough so it doesn’t shake. A nonslip surface can also be beneficial, especially when your dog needs to get in and out of it.

Many large dog breeds love the cool feeling of hardwood and concrete floors, especially when the weather is warmer. But these surfaces can be hard on their skin, muscles, and joints. Finding a dog bed that will keep them cool can prevent them from sleeping on the floor. Some extra-large dog beds have gel-like pads that are similar to the ones found in human beds, but mesh-style raised beds can provide support and can keep them above the ground (which can offer better airflow). You should also take a look at your dog’s sleeping habits and make your choice accordingly.

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